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For additional reading material, prospective childminders who are booked onto the Introduction to Childminding Practice course can click here.  If you would like to attend an ICP course you should attend a free Childminder Information Session first. For more information look at Working in Early Years and Play.

The Childminding Support Team has a quality improvement role: providing information, advice and professional development opportunities to all childminders in the city. We also recruit and train prospective childminders.
For childminder queries, please contact the Childminding Support Team

If you have a query about the Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) for all three and four year olds and eligible two year olds, email

If you would like some 1 to 1 advice from a Speech and Language Therapist, childminders can contact the SLTs for pre-school children by emailing

When you email, please make sure you provide your work telephone number, the age of the child (not the name) and the area of Bristol in which you work, so that the appropriate SLT for your area can contact you.

You can signpost parents to the SLT Advice Lines using this link Children’s SLT – How To Get Help | Community Children’s Health Partnership (

Early Years Enhanced Provision is support for vulnerable children under two years of age, to ensure improved outcomes for the children and their families. With the aim to narrow the gap in educational achievement, the child receives up to 12 hours a week of childcare, usually over two days. Placements are made with specially inducted Childminders who are supported by Placement Officers.  Contact if you are an interested in providing this service, or telephone:

Fiona Townsend Tel 07826874413
Jayne Maciver Tel 07825106679

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SWAY Childminding updates

The Bristol Standard

The Bristol Standard is a Quality Improvement framework that will help you to be a reflective childminder. It is a process which will ensure that children are at the heart of everything you do. The Bristol Standard will take you on a journey of professional development, encouraging you to evaluate your practice, focusing on how the children benefit from all that you do. It is a hugely positive process, celebrating your strengths and what you do well, whilst encouraging you to think of how you can enrich your practice, prioritising targets to work towards and always ensuring best outcomes for the children in your care.


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Safeguarding For Childminders

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Progress Check At Age Two


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The Bristol Standard

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