About The Bristol Standard

The Bristol Standard is recognised nationally as an outstanding self-evaluation framework and the benefits and impact of its approach have been well evidenced. Through team reflection and discussion, the strengths of the setting are celebrated and future priorities become clear. The Bristol Standard enables practitioners to talk more knowledgeably about what they do, why they do it and the difference it is making for children and families in their care. Settings who engage with the process are more likely to be judged as good or better.

Framework for Play Settings

The Bristol Standard has a framework for Play settings which is supported by mentors from BAND. The framework can be used by after school clubs, breakfast clubs, holiday clubs and childminders. We often get joint submissions from settings where they have early years and play provision. A play setting that has engaged with the Bristol Standard and recently been successful at validation is KHASS.  Read more…

Celebration Stories

The Bristol Standard has released an inspirational collection of stories which are now available to view in this e-book or download the PDF here.

We have recently updated all information and forms on the Bristol City Council website.  Please visit the council website to view the most up to date information.

The Bristol Standard Development Group was pleased to work in collaboration with St Paul’s Children’s Centre and Teaching School to write the Amazing Communicator’s supplement (see right). This follows the courses that ran at the teaching school during 2016. The booklet can be used in conjunction with your current submission to support in-depth reflection in Dimensions 2, 3 and 5 or can be used as a separate focus in your Interim 2 year. If you would like further advice on how to use the materials please contact Nicky Bale 

What people say about The Bristol Standard



“Some of the dimensions really got different members of the team into challenging about what our beliefs are and what we actually do to promote these in our setting for the children.”

What people say about The Bristol Standard

The cycle of monitoring our practice ensures that we continually reflect on our own practice and that of our FS colleagues. We have become a close working group, not only while teaching the children, but also in providing support for each other.

What people say about The Bristol Standard



“The process made me and the staff reflective and actions identified have fed into our SEF and priorities for the setting.”



What people say about The Bristol Standard



“We are now much more aware of the importance and benefit of physical activity to improve long term health, cognitive functioning and school readiness.”

What people say about The Bristol Standard

“Starting the Bristol Standard had a positive impact on my self-esteem,  I started to feel happier, I started to value myself, I was proud of what I was doing because I was actually doing well, better than I thought at least.”

What people say about The Bristol Standard

I have seen our practitioners grow in confidence and flourish before my eyes. It has been a truly inspirational process.
Amazing Communicators

Latest News

Bristol Standard for Health Network Meeting – 1st March 2018

In this two hour meeting you will hear about the new priorities that have been developed for Health and learn how it has helped a setting that was involved in the pilot. Jessica Williams, Public Health Principal, will talk about the development of these ground...

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Case Studies

Bristol Standard Case Study – Brislington Village Preschool

Brislington Village Preschool was established in 1972 and has been offering care and education to the local 3 and 4 year olds ever since. However, in September 2015, the staff team took over the running of the setting, turning the existing committee run preschool into...

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Bristol Standard Case Study – Karla

In recent years Karla has begun working in the childcare sector, quite a change from her original career as an electronics and communications engineer! Karla explains that she had no experience of children apart from bringing up her son and daughter. At the time her...

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Focus on a Dimension

Focus on Dimension 1 – Vision and Values

White Tree Preschool This case study from White Tree Preschool demonstrates how the Bristol Standard helped the team to identify an action and work towards sharing their vision and values: The priority target was to create a section on the website to promote their...

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Focus on Dimension 4 – The Physical Environment

This is a new section that will look at the Dimensions through progress reports that settings have completed. We are pleased to be showcasing these and give thanks to the settings for sharing them. This case study from Upper Horfield Children’s Centre demonstrates how...

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