Childminding Groups And Hubs

Bristol childminders are invited to use the Children’s Centres as a point of support and contact with other childminders and professionals working in the Early Years sector.

Each Children’s Centre has a childminding group. The outreach Lead Teachers, alongside the Childminding Support Workers, facilitate these groups and are available for advice and support on professional matters. Childminders are welcome to attend any Children’s Centre childminding group, but of course by attending your local group you will get to meet other childminders in your area.

What are children’s centre childminding groups for?

Take a look at the clip of some childminders and their Lead Teacher talking about how they use the childminding group to develop their practice.

Going to a Childminding Group

The article Childminder Groups offers specific advice on the best way to introduce babies and children to the group. Following these tips will help to make the group visit a positive and enjoyable experience for you and your child.

Childminder Groups – Best Practice Tips for Settling-in New Children


Best Practice Tips about ‘Settling In’ to your setting! (Experienced childminders share their ideas on how to prepare for the arrival of a new child to the setting, as well as offering practical suggestions to help make the transition) smooth as possible.

Childminder Hubs

There are three Childminder Hubs in Bristol which take a lead in the development of excellence in childminding practice. They plan and co-ordinate regular professional development opportunities for childminders. These opportunities take the form of evening sessions open to all Early Years practitioners as well as daytime workshops for childminders and their minded children.

North Bristol Childminder Hub is based at Filton Avenue Children’s Centre.

East/Central Bristol Childminder Hub is based at Oldbury Court Children’s Centre.

South Bristol Childminder Hub is based at Knowle West Children’s Centre.


The Childminding Support Team

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