Reception Baseline Assessment

Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) will become statutory from 1st September 2021.

All schools should have received their RBA materials by 30 June.
Please call the RBA helpline if you need further advice.

0330 088 4171 or email

Although RBA must be conducted in the first 6 weeks of term 1, settling-children into their new class and build the secure attachments that are the springboard for successful learning will still be be the priority for reception teachers.  Bristol Early Years has secured access to a helpful 25-minute video guide to RBA, by independent EY consultant Ruth Swailes, which as well as lots of practical information about how to conduct it, also includes ideas for how to mitigate the impact on children settling-in.

Please ask your Lead Teacher for the link.


Nicola Theobald, Lead for Early Years Partnerships

Kate Hubble, Early Years Improvement Officer

Kate Irvine, Early Years Improvement Officer, Early Years Consultant

Beth Osborne, Early Years Consultant

Ali Carrington, Early Years Consultant

Anna Morgan, Early Years Consultant

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