Working with Assistants

Childminders are increasingly working with one or two assistants; whether you use a member of your household on an ad hoc basis or you have a contracted assistant to maintain ratios, the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements must be met: the childminder is responsible for the assistant’s work and must provide ‘Supervision’, as laid down in the EYFS. There are two documents here which outline best practice when it comes to supervision, as well as a checklist of the Requirements relating to assistants. Take a look.

Ofsted takes a decision on the suitability of all childminding assistants. When a childminder takes on a new assistant, the assistant must complete an application for an Ofsted- Enhanced DBS and then must join the DBS Update Service

Once the assistant has an Ofsted-Enhanced DBS, then the assistant must complete an EY2 on Ofsted Online

The childminder must email  attaching an EY3 form. This is to notify Ofsted of a new assistant. You can find the EY3 form here    

Contact for further advice about working with assistants.

Childminding contacts

 The Childminding Support Team – contact  | Tel 0117 3574192