A Staff Meeting for Wellbeing 

Acknowledging the challenging times that Covid-19 presents, this is a downloadable presentation with everything you need to run a staff meeting on wellbeing. It supports dialogue about wellbeing and suggests practical ideas to support physical and mental health with links to sources of further help. 

Contact your lead teacher for the password if you do not have it. 

Staff Well-being

A staff meeting for wellbeing – resources
(Password Protected)

In September 2013 we established three early years networks to cover north, east/central and south Bristol. The three network lead teachers (NLTs) are Kate Irvine (north), Pippa Hawkins (south) and Ali Carrington (east/central).

The area network continuing professional development (CPD) programme is co-ordinated by these three network lead teachers but all lead teachers in children’s centres contribute to leading the networks.

The meetings and CPD programme will continue to provide practitioners with opportunities to share information and to access professional development.

The meetings and CPD opportunities are open to anyone to attend. Each area network will hold events across the academic year at a variety of times of the day and at a range of locations within the network area. The sessions on offer are planned in response to providers needs or they meet local or national priorties. They are a fantastic chance to meet other early years colleagues and share good practice.


East & Central Network Training Overview Term 2 (Nov-Dec 2020) can be accessed here

North Network Training Overview Term 2 (Nov-Dec 2020) can be accessed here

South Network Training Overview Term 2 (Nov-Dec 2020) can be accessed here


You can contact the network lead teacher for the area or the lead teacher in your local children’s centre for more information.

The Lead Teacher Team have put together a variety of inspiring network CPD for this year that will encourage you to become part of a supportive and researchful learning community in your local area. The sessions are open to all Early Years practitioners in the Bristol Networks.  Use the links on this page for more information

Network Lead Teachers

Kate Irvine

Pippa Hawkins

Ali Carrington