What educational psychologists do

An educational psychologist can offer advice if early years settings or families are having difficulty helping a child. Their job is to assess a child’s or young person’s needs and advise the parents or school about his or her:

  • speech and language
  • communication and relationships with others
  • development, understanding and learning
  • social relationships, making of friends and wellbeing
  • physical skills, such as mobility and coordination
  • vision, hearing or medical needs


  • offer suggestions about the best way to help your child’s learning
  • look at how your child responds to things that are tried
  • offer support to early years practitioners to help children who may be experiencing difficulties
  • review the progress your child is making.

How to get educational psychology support for a child in a Bristol early years’ setting

Fill in a request for involvement form and email completed form to .

To return the form to us you must follow our secure email guidance.

The Early Years SEN Panel discusses the request and make a decision about if additional support is needed.

Inclusion contacts

Dawn Butler, Early Years Manager: Inclusion