Differentiated Early Years Outcomes (DEYO)

Differentiated Early Years Outcomes

What are the Differentiated Early Years Outcomes (DEYO)?

This document was developed in response to practitioners’ desire to show progress and reflect the achievements of children with additional needs and disabilities within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The DEYO have been developed by representatives from Early Years Specialist Settings and the local authority Early Years Team.


Why use DEYO?

  • To show what learning looks like for children with additional needs in Early Years settings.
  • To create an inclusive means of assessment based on relevant and achievable skills.
  • To be able to record and celebrate each child’s development and achievements, however small.
  • To make the recording process a useful means of showing and tracking progress.
  • To facilitate a consistent approach to assessment within Early Years settings.
  • To acknowledge and suggest any specialised methods of support e.g. Makaton, visual aids.
  • To provide a document that is accessible forparents and practitioners to share.

How can DEYO be used?

The DEYO are designed to be used to track and assess progress for a child with additional needs in any Early Years setting.This document could be used as…


  • A means of completing ongoing records
  • A basis for generating achievable learning objectives/targets
  • A prompt when completing any additional assessments
  • A tool for tracking progress
  • A means to enhance parental involvement as co-educators
It is stated within the document that children will use their preferred method of communication. If this is not explicit please assume that any form of communication is valid.

As the DEYO’s prime intention is to demonstrate children’s progress we suggest a colour coded tracking system may be used. Highlighting in different colours will reflect progress at entry, midterm and end of year.

We have aimed to make this document as inclusive as possible within the existing framework. However we acknowledge the limitations with regard to specific needs in some areas of learning.

View and read the document…

To download the ‘Differentiated Early Years Outcomes’ document, click here or on the image below to visit the password protected download page.  If you’re unsure of your password, please contact your Lead Teacher or a member of the Early Years Inclusion Team.

Differentiated Early Years Outcome document

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