The core purpose of the Bristol Children’s Centres

To give every child a good start in life

The core purpose of Bristol Children’s Centres is to improve outcomes for young children and their families, with a particular focus on families in greatest need of support, in order to reduce inequalities in:

  • Child development and school readiness
  • Parenting aspirations, self esteem and parenting skills, and
  • Child and family health and life chances.

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Children’s Centres provide seamless, integrated services, tailored to the needs of each community including:

  • Early education and childcare
  • Health and maternity services
  • Debt, benefits and housing advice
  • Adult learning and volunteering opportunities
  • Employment support (Job Centre Plus)
  • Universal, tailored and targeted Family Support programmes.

Family Support contacts

Sally Jaeckle, Head of Early Years Services

Family Support SLEs

Lucy Hudd -
Michaela Wilcox -
Sharyn Ayres -