Early Years Leaders


Centrally-based and system-based Early Years Leaders work collaboratively to shape the strategic direction of the Early Years Service and to plan, implement and quality-assure improvement across the sector.

Local Authority Team


Nicola Theobald

Lead for Early Years Partnerships


Kate Hubble

Early Years Improvement Officer


Kate Irvine

Early Years Improvement Officer
Early Years Consultant
Beth Osborne

Beth Osborne

Early Years Consultant

Ali Carrington

Early Years Consultant
Anna Morgan

Anna Morgan

Early Years Consultant

Lead Teachers

Lead teachers are qualified, experienced early years teachers who are an integral part of Bristol’s early years system leadership approach, leading improvement in the quality of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provision and practice in their own children’s centres and in early years settings in their reach areas. Lead teachers contribute to improving outcomes for children and families and to reducing inequalities.

They work with parents/carers, professionals and agencies to reduce disadvantage and narrow the gap in children’s achievement.

Lead teachers work in partnership with Bristol’s Foundation Years Consultant and Childminding teams to secure consistent support and guidance across the city. Their support is informed by an analysis of Bristol’s data and strategic priorities. Together with Bristol’s Early Years Inclusion team, they contribute to an inclusive service ensuring equity for all children and families.

They contribute to the professional development of early years practitioners in private, voluntary and independent (PVI) settings, nursery classes, reception classes, nursery schools, and childminders through advice, coaching and mentoring and provision for continuing professional development (CPD) in locality networks to meet the needs of practitioners.

East/Central Bristol


Joanne Franklin


Rachel Pirie


Jane Francis


Zoe Breen

North Bristol

Rosie McCallum
Theresa Mitchell

Terri Mitchell


Rosie Coulstring

South Bristol


Amy Adams


Sarah Wardle


Hugo Turvey


Helen Hogg


Boe Meaton


Nicola Theobald, Lead for Early Years Partnerships

Kate Hubble, Early Years Improvement Officer

Kate Irvine, Early Years Improvement Officer, Early Years Consultant

Beth Osborne, Early Years Consultant

Ali Carrington, Early Years Consultant

Anna Morgan, Early Years Consultant

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