It is being widely reported in the news that the level of domestic violence during the lockdown period has drastically risen, including deaths due to domestic violence or abuse. Refuge, the national domestic violence charity saw a 700% increase in their website views from one day to the next after a media push letting people know how to access support during lockdown. You can see the press release here:  Not that these figures are scary enough but we of course know that many children will be living in the homes of which this domestic abuse or violence is happening and have no escape in school or other activities.

SO we have decided to create ourselves a challenge, aiming to raise some much needed funds for Refuge to enable them to support families during the COVID pandemic.


Any of you who have walked from the very bottom of Archfield to the very top will know that it feels like a mountain in itself. We are going to use this to our advantage, the core staff team at Woodfield have volunteered to climb the equivalent of Mt. Everest over 10 working days (Over 52,000 steps!). 

Now considering we still have a number of children and families attending each day and we only have around 20% of our team within the core staff and the fact we are only counting the stairs up, 1,000 stair climbs (52 stairs a pop)  is no mean feat in 10 days (our core team are also working around 60-80% of their usual working hours)! From our research it usually takes around 40 days to climb Mt. Everest.