What I’m reading at the moment – Nicky Bale

I’ve recently been reunited with my outdoor book collection from the Education Centre so have been looking at some old favourites


Dirty Teaching – A Beginner’s Guide to Teaching Outdoors by Juliet Robertson

This is a really lovely book full of practical ideas. The format is very accessible with photos and ideas which bring it to life. There are things that you can easily do straight away with the children. It’s almost like a little handbook that you can carry about with you. Juliet is an outdoors expert and has a blog called ‘I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!’ which can be found at



The Wild Weather Book by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield

This is another lovely ideas book which you could carry around. It’s full of simple ideas to do outside with little or no resources. I particularly like the rain painting and rain stencils. There are some safety guidelines and tips at the back. Fiona and Jo are the authors of another of my favourite books ‘The Stick Book’. I would say both of these books should be on every early year’s practitioner’s bookshelves.


Risk, Challenge and Adventure in the Early Years by Kathryn Solly

I am currently writing the monitoring section for the new outdoor audit so needed to read up on risk and challenge. Kathryn is an excellent writer who puts things in an accessible way. This is well worth a read to find out what defines risk and challenge and how we can support children with taking and managing risks. There is a useful section at the back on policies, some templates for risk assessments and planning for risk as well as some ideas for different weather activities