Transfer Documents 2020

Email dated   07.05.20

Dear Early Years Settings (copied to Lead Teachers, Early Years Leaders in Schools and Children’s Centres for information),

Please find attached the Transfer Record and guidance, the letter for parents and the information sheet about how to send the Transfer Record securely.

As you will see, the format has changed slightly to take into account the extenuating circumstances linked to Covid-19.

  • There have been additions to the front sheet so that you are able to indicate whether the child has been attending during the lockdown period and the signature request from the parent has been deleted as this is not possible to obtain from everyone
  • The assessments that you need to record for every child are the summative ones that you carried out at the end of February 2020 regardless of whether the child has been attending during lockdown or not
  • The additional comments boxes have been limited this year to just  The Characteristics of Effective Learning and the 3 Prime Areas of Learning

Please remember that it  is absolutely vital  that you send the Transfer Record in a secure way i.e. it must be password protected.

If you have any queries, please either contact me or your Foundation Stage Consultant.

Best wishes



Deborah Brown - (General Enquries)
Dawn Butler - (General Enquiries)
Nicola Theobald - (General and Nursery School Enquiries)