Hints and Tips for validation or Understanding Validation

What is Depth and Detail?

Validation is using the three criteria to make a judgement. Depth and detail can be subjective and will depend on the individual setting and where they are on their reflective journey

Thoughts from the validators:

The submission makes you feel that you understand the journey they are on throughout; it gives a flavour of what makes the setting unique and demonstrates reflective practice in a holistic way

The information is meaningful and isn’t a tick box exercise

There is a sense of dimension content through their strengths, evidence, targets and benefits.

Strengths and targets have a clear connection to the key points of the dimension

The submission clearly communicates that there is progression developed over time

There is a celebration of what has been achieved with a whole team approach including parents and children

A balance of evidence linked to the dimension and used effectively that is relevant, annotated and supportive of the strengths – cross-referencing is used to enhance the bigger picture

The dimension has been reflected on fully, they have considered the questions and the summary box.

Everything is connected and gives a sense of what it is like to be a child in the setting

Benefits show that they have really thought about and have a clear understanding of the impact their targets will have for the children

The journey is clearly shown – it is a chance to celebrate and be proud but also to reflect on what needs improving and to set realistic targets

At whatever stage of the journey the setting is on there is a real sense that they are committed to improving on their previous best.

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