Meet the Mentor - Carol

Carol is a valued member of the Bristol Standard family, having been involved with Bristol Standard since 2002!  When her children were young Carol became involved with the pre-school which was part of her local church. Within a year Carol found herself recruited as manager of that pre-school.   The pre-school have been on their Bristol Standard continuously since 2002 and this continuous journey of reflection was appreciated by Ofsted ‘It was very clear to see how we had grown and progressed over time, they wrote “the setting has a thorough record of the progress they have made over the years”.

A few years after embarking on the Bristol Standard journey, Carol joined the Bristol Standard validation team.  Carol describes what a rewarding role this is ‘I feel it is such a privilege to see the development that is going on in other settings and being able to celebrate with them.  There is amazing stuff going on out there.’

Carol expanded her role mentoring schools and PVI settings.  The role of mentor has been a positive experience ‘I’ve really loved it.  I’ve loved developing relationships with settings and seeing them and their teams grow.’  Carol also co-facilitates the network sessions, supporting settings who are on their Bristol Standard journey.  These sessions are well attended, valued and appreciated.  ‘I think with those rich conversations that are had, the enthusiasm is contagious’.  Carol helps to make the whole process a positive experience for settings, promoting the ethos of the Bristol Standard ‘it’s about your own best, doing the best that you can do and moving it forward.’

Carol has developed a strong understanding of all that is involved, putting this knowledge to good use in her role in Bristol Standard quality control.   Carol explains ‘It’s about checking that the system is fair and that we are sticking to the rules, the principles of the Bristol Standard.  But it’s also about looking at ways to improve the way we record things, the way we do things and the training we provide.

Carol is a great advocate of the Bristol Standard ‘It’s an amazing opportunity for the whole team to have a say in what goes on, to unpick why you do things in the way you do and to tackle things in a constructive way. It gives you that really lovely framework that covers all aspects of your setting.  It helps settings to see what their strengths are and feel really proud of what they do.


The Bristol Standard Team

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