Meet the Mentor - Beth

I am one of the Foundation Years Consultants with responsibility for birth to three. My Bristol Standard experience started over twenty years ago in an Independent School in Bristol. I went on to use it as a leader in a primary and nursery school.

I have found that it really draws teams together on their reflective journey. It is a positive process to work through the 10 dimensions of quality celebrating what you do well and then deciding as team areas to focus on next. Thinking about the benefits to the children enables you think about the impact for the children of everything you do. The Bristol Standard became our Early Years action plan which fed directly into the whole school development plan. As we built on it each year, it felt empowering as we all knew exactly where we were going with our improvement plan.
Now I work as part of the Bristol Standard central team, a mentor and validator.

“Children are at the heart of the Bristol Standard.”


The Bristol Standard Team

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