British International School, Bangkok Patana

Bristol Standard at the British International School, Bangkok Patana

In the 18/19 academic year I was delighted to be back leading the curriculum in Foundation Stage alongside several other leaders, one of which was our newly created post of “Leader of Physical Development and Outdoor Learning”. Jade is a very experienced EYFS teacher and was full of ideas and suggestions about how we could improve out outdoor learning environment. I had met with the Bristol Standard team during the summer and the Outdoor Audit immediately sprung out as a very valuable tool for improvement. Over the course of the academic year, Jade used this document to guide her leadership and establish what our current pedagogy looks like and what our next steps were as a team. Jade took contributions from different stakeholders throughout the year, including teaching assistants and teachers, liasing with the larger team fortnightly to share ideas, expectations and take suggestions. It has been a worthwhile and valuable process and also has the benefit of being very transferable – we have a new specialist joining the team next year and it will be very easy to pick up where we are at as a team.

Rajeev Ladva

Early Years Leader

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