The 6th edition of the Bristol Standard was launched in the conference hall on Thursday (22 February) at City Hall during a Learning City event to celebrate those practitioners who have shown a dedication to self-evaluation and reflective practice over the past year. More than one hundred early years’ practitioners attended the event and everyone received a certificate to celebrate their commitment to reflective practice and improving outcomes for children and families.

Helen Moylett, independent early years’ consultant and writer, was a keynote speaker at the event and spoke in support of the Bristol Standard and celebrated the way the Bristol Standard supports:

  • clear vision, values, principles and practice
  • inclusion of all children
  • teams working together
  • partnerships
  • shared leadership
  • continuous professional development

The Bristol Standard has been going strong for 23 years and is used in other local authorities. The 6th edition has a new look and is up to date with current research and practice as well as including some inspiring photos from our settings.

Bristol Standard launch event – BAND Play activity

It has become a tradition to feature a play activity in our Bristol Standard events since we developed a partnership with BAND (Bristol Association for Neighbourhood Daycare) for the Play Provision Bristol Standard. As the theme of the evening was around the Characteristics of Effective Learning for adults in settings, everyone entered into the spirit of things when Paul Dielhenn and Fenella Hemus presented them with a box of ScrapStore materials and asked them to make a model representing a journey. There were some inventive creations which can be seen in the photos.