Southern Links Children’s Centre is situated in Stockwood and is surrounded by a large expanse of green space. In particular there is a lovely forest area which is well used by the setting and childminders. The centre team runs a lot of different groups, all free, for families with babies and young children under the age of 5. There is a big focus on making links with the local community.

The introduction of these new raised beds in the allotment area will allow the children and members of the community to grow their own vegetables. The garden around it provides a peaceful place to relax and engage in conversation.

Supporting families to thrive in the heart of the community

Practitioners at the centre have introduced loose parts play to encourage children to use their imagination and be creative. The environment is kept as a blank canvas for the children to create their own structures.

The team redeveloped the old sand pit as a dinosaur rockery to follow the children’s interests. This has proved very popular as children create a natural landscape for the dinosaurs.