‘Transition is a time of exciting change and growth for every child. It is a journey, not an event.’

A cross-phase early years and primary working group has been established to produce guidance on effective transition for children and families from Nursery to Reception, and from Reception to Year 1. In response to the Covid-19 crisis this group is currently compiling guidance for the unique transition ahead as the government  requires all early years settings and schools to plan a phased return for specified year groups. In early years, this applies to children aged 3-4 and 5-6.  Further guidance relating to the transition of children with SEND is being developed to support this unique transition.

Nursery to Reception transition is identified as the focus for the forthcoming QIF. This will provide an opportunity to identify best practice and to consult with PVI partners to identify current challenges faced and to possible solutions and new ways of working. Consultation with a wider range of stakeholders, including parents and carers and health professionals, will ensure that new guidance is co-produced. This development priority will be externally evaluated by the University of Bristol. For further information please contact EY Assessment and Transition Lead