Outdoor Reflective Framework

Outdoors is where children will experience nature, the changing seasons and weather, and interact with natural elements. As practitioners we should be planning outdoor experiences for children every day. We need to be creative and inventive and respond to children’s fascinations and interests. However big or small our outdoor environment, it should be exciting and inviting as well as flexible to evolve with children’s interests.

The Bristol Standard Outdoor Reflective Framework is a stand-alone booklet that has been written by teachers and practitioners who are passionate about outdoor play and learning. Each section includes reading, reflective questions, small case studies and photographs to inspire. It can be used by your team to think about different aspects of your outdoor provision. If you are on The Bristol Standard journey, it can be incorporated into your submission.

This summer we are promoting the use of the outdoor booklet and looking at how settings are using it. In this section of the website we will be building up a series of case studies to demonstrate how it can be used and how it has helped settings.

Outdoor play is about potential – the potential of spaces to engage children’s imagination, curiosity, and creativity, and foster their health and well-being.

Helen Tovey, Froebel Trust (2020)

Case Study



The Bristol Standard Team

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