Ofsted have recently published ‘Bold Beginnings’ a report on the Reception Curriculum.  Please click on the link below to download the report.

The report has had a significant reaction from both the academic world and professionals working in early years.  These are available to read using the links below.

TACTYC response

Early Education response

NEW – Early Education and TACTYC dialogue with Ofsted

Summary of key points from meeting between Early Education, TACTYC and Ofsted – PDF

CREC response


“Such guidance from Ofsted is likely to play a powerful role in distorting the balance of the curriculum, early years teaching and young children’s learning and development in their first year at school”  TACTYC

“It is deeply disappointing to hear them making some much more questionnable recommendations based primarily on the opinions of headteachers, not on the extensive evidence base in relation to child development and its implications for good early years pedagogy.”   Early Education