Lead Teacher visit 23/24

Dear Early Years Leaders in Schools,

Annual Early Years Lead Teacher visit to schools with pre-reception children.

The focus of the visit this year will be daily routines to support all children’s learning and development. This will be a useful time to reflect on how children’s individual needs can be planned for as part of the everyday routine in your EYFS provision. It will provide an opportunity to consider the role of the adult as well as the learning opportunities in each element of your routine.
The visit will be specifically focused on your pre- Reception provision but will of course be useful for all children in early years.

It is especially important that your Nursery teacher and EYs leader are able to be part of this reflective discussion if this is possible. Many schools have found this an extremely valuable way of supporting quality improvement priorities by investing in this time with a Lead Teacher who can offer further support and signposting where helpful.

As always, in addition to this focused discussion, lead teachers are able to share a range of professional development opportunities including local cluster meetings, free Network CPD and Teaching Hub CPD. They can also signpost to further information and to other support available for your setting and your children and families. The visits can also provide a great opportunity for settings to identify actions for development and to share any further support needs they may have which can feed into planning the support that we offer.

Please find attached the visit note with questions that can be used to guide both you and the lead teacher during the visit discussion. It contains useful prompts (in blue) for the conversation that your lead teacher may use.

Your lead teacher will be in touch over the next few weeks to arrange a convenient date for the visit. We hope that you will find the visit beneficial and supportive and that the discussions will have a positive impact on the learning and development progress of children across Bristol.

Best wishes,
The Early Years Team


Nicola Theobald – (General and Nursery School Enquiries)

Deborah Brown – (General Enquiries)

Dawn Butler – (General Enquiries)

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