URGENT ATTENTION : Group A Strep increased cases 07.12.22

Dear Colleagues

UKHSA have provided 2 letters providing information on the current Group A Strep increased cases.

  1. For schools / education providers advising them on what to do if they have cases emerge in their school population
  2. For parents and carers advising them on signs and symptoms and what action they should take

We are aware that there is heightened national and local media interest in this which has led to some schools being contacted directly for comment. We would strongly recommend that if you are approached you refer them to UKHSA comms team but also let BCC comms team newsdesk@bristol.gov.uk know rather than having to deal with it yourself. This is important recognising the child’s right to patient confidentiality.

With best wishes,
The Early Years Team

Scarlet Fever and GAS – Letter to schools – South West 221206 (002)
Scarlet Fever and GAS – Letter to parents – South West 221206


Deborah Brown - (General Enquries)
Dawn Butler - (General Enquiries)
Nicola Theobald - (General and Nursery School Enquiries)