Information needed about children transferring out of Bristol

Dear Early Years Provider,

It is the time of year when children are transferring to school and we need to ensure our systems information is up to date and that we are aware of where children are engaging in education, in relation to safeguarding. Please can you inform us of those children in your setting that are currently claiming their Free Early Education Entitlement who are transferring to schools out of Bristol (either moving or have moved out already) or will be attending a school in another Local Authority.

This is to ensure that in September we are able to identify any children who may be missing education (CME).

Please can you reply to this email, by completing the table below and return to us. We only need this for children who will not be attending a Bristol school or who are moving out of Bristol. An example is included for additional help. Please remove this when submitting the form to You must use BCC’s Send Secure email service (copy of registration instructions are attached) when sending child level data to remain GDPR compliant.

Name of Early Years Setting:

Bristol Nursery

Name and Job Title

of Person Completing Form:

Joanne Bloggs – Nursery Manager

Child’s Full Name who is / will be attending education out of Bristol

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

Bristol Address & Post Code

New Address & Post Code (if different)

New School outside of Bristol

Another Child


1a Bristol Street, Bristol, BS1 0TN

1a New Street, New Town, NT1 0TN

New Town Primary School


If you have any queries please contact us. If you’re not sure whether the child’s new school is within the Bristol boundary, please use this link to check their new school’s postal code. Find your local council – GOV.UK (

Many thanks,

Early Years & Childcare Service

Dawn Butler


Nicola Theobald – (General and Nursery School Enquiries)

Deborah Brown – (General Enquiries)

Dawn Butler – (General Enquiries)

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