Top Tips and Resources

Language Development (understanding and using words and sentences)

Downloads: Top Tips: Choices (Coming Soon)

Downloads: Top Tips for Talking Advice Sheet

Confident Communicators videos

General Links for understanding and spoken language:

Parents/ Carers/ Professionals:


A range of useful factsheets for people working with children with SLCN are available to download from the ICAN website:

Speech Sounds

Downloads: – Top Tips for Unclear Speech Advice Sheet (Early Years)

School age handout- to be decided by Link SLTs

Embed: Sorting out Sounds videos

Social Communication and Interaction (including Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Download: Top tips for Social Communication handout

Useful websites for social communication/ASD

National Autistic Society:

Bristol Autism Support website:


Download: Top tips hand out for stammering

Useful websites:

The British Stammering Association (now trading as STAMMA):

The Fluency Trust:

Action for Stammering Children:


Helpful videos:

‘Stamma’ have a series of very helpful videos:

7 Tips for Talking with the Child who Stutters (stuttering means the same as stammering):

Deafness/Hearing Impairment

Download: Top tips handout for Deafness/hearing impairment to be added to website over next few months. (Also possible translation of parts of website into BSL)

Useful websites for Deafness/hearing impairment:

National Deaf Children’s Society:

Auditory Verbal UK:

Videos of BSL signs:

Elizabeth Foundation:

Family centre (for Deaf children in Bristol and surrounding areas):

We work closely with the Audiology department and West of England Hearing Implant Programme (WEHIP) at St Michaels Hospital, as well as Teachers of the Deaf (Sensory Support Service). For more information about these services please see websites below:

Teachers of the Deaf:

West of England Hearing Implant Programme (WEHIP):


Eating and Drinking (Dysphagia)

Download: Top tips handout for dysphagia (Coming soon)

Useful websites for Dysphagia:

Complex Needs, including Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) – information and resources for Makaton signing – Symbol resources for supporting communication – Information and resources for AAC – Information and resources for AAC Information on assessments for communication aids


Useful website for any concerns about your child’s voice

Useful strategies to keep your child’s voice healthy:

Selective Mutism

Useful website for information about Selective Mutism

An overview of selective mutism:

Information and resources for parents and professionals:

Speech, Language and Communication contacts

Karen Heverin

Carly Lines