Speech and language Therapy


Speech and Language Therapists work across Bristol, providing services as outlined in the Service Level Agreement between Bristol Early Years and the Community Children’s Health Partnership, NHS.  The main aim of the service is to further up-skill practitioners and increase parental understanding and involvement in their children’s speech and language development.

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Cpd for Early Years Practitioners

Family Support

Family Support

EY Speech and Language Team

EY Speech and Language Team

Top Tips and Resources

Top Tips and Resources

Refer a child for SLT assessment

Refer a child for SLT assessment

For Advice, Information and Support on specific difficulties/ concerns:

 The British Stammering Association

National Autistic Society

GOSH NHS – Advice about supporting a child’s healthy voice.

GOSH NHS – Advice about supporting children with selective mutism

Useful Resources

Downloads and Links

Bercow: Ten Years On

Children’s Speech & Language Therapy

The Communication Trust – includes videos to share with families/practitioners.


Talking Point – The first stop for information on children’s communication.

The National Literacy Trust  – National Literacy Trust website with ideas/support for parents.

The Communication Trust – A coalition of not-for-profit organisations which support speech, language and communication needs.

ICAN  – Children’s Communication Charity.

Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit 

BBC Tiny Happy People

Hungry Little Minds

Speech, Language and Communication contacts

Karen Heverin

Carly Lines