What is Five to Thrive?

Key Messages from neuroscience for early intervention and lifelong learning:

The Five to Thrive model is a way of understanding how connected relationships are fundamental to human wellbeing and help us build resilient communities.

The Five to Thrive building blocks describe a sequence of relational activities that build healthy brains in young children and maintain healthy brain function throughout life.

Our vision is:

‘Through working collaboratively with a range of early years and family support professionals the Five to Thrive principles will be embedded in the work of integrated early years and family support practices across Bristol.’

What are we aiming to achieve?

  • Promote secure attachments and attunement
  • Promote self-regulation and resilience
  • Be trauma informed
  • Share, inspire a shared understanding of the Five to Thrive principles
  • Empower both practitioners and parents/carers to develop this style of interaction
  • That practitioners feel their wellbeing is being supported



CPD and resources will be available to use and share

More information

If you are new to Five to Thrive or would like to deepen your knowledge of the principles please keep in touch for further information on this website.

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