Under 3s Planning Support Pack


planning-pack-0-to-3The Birth to Three Centres of Excellence have  published their new Under 3s Planning Support Pack. Overflowing with advice and great ideas for inspired and thoughtful planning, this is not only a great hands-on guide, but is also an inspirational read to further enhance great practice.

Download the Under 3s Planning Support Pack.

Creating Outstanding Provision for 2 Year Olds

Creating Outstanding Provision for 2 Year Olds is a course which considers key aspects of practice and provision when working with very young children.  Key aims include the vital role of the key person, attachment and well-being and planning for 2 year old learners.  Read more…

The Being Two Project

boys-playing-in-waterDonna Robinson from Rosemary Early Years Centre and Helen Payne the Daycare Manager at Redcliffe Children’s Centre have been working with the Pen Green Research Centre on the ‘Being Two’ project. The project is funded by the Department for Education and the aim is to improve the quality of experiences for two year olds and their families in settings and, particularly, to support the whole staff team.

Donna and Helen have been working in partnership with the Early Years Team in Bristol to support private and voluntary settings and childminders in the locality to develop the project in their own settings.

Download the full Being Two report.

Amazing Twos

We have facilitated ‘Amazing Twos’ CPD for over 100 practitioners with a range of roles from a variety of settings.  Some people were already working with two year olds, whereas others were expanding their provision to accomodate eligible twos (funded places).

The course is delivered over 2 1/2 days with an element of action research which is shared on the final day.  The aims of Amazing Twos is to deepen practitioner knowledge and understanding around the needs of two year olds, who are at a distinct stage of development.  They are neither boisterous babies nor underachieving three year olds.  They are 2!

We wanted to provide an opportunity for practitioners to discuss and share aspect of best practice.  The content covers:

  • Early brain development
  • The role of the key person
  • Language and communication
  • Understanding behaviours
  • Observations
  • Planning.

The action research is a major aspect of the course and is an opportunity to effect positive change which benefits children.  Practitioners are able to share and celebrate this journey.

As facilitators, we have been humbled by the depth of reflection that the participants have evidenced. We would like to thank all those who have taken part and we hope to continue to offer CPD which will benefit two year olds.

Carol Keane, SLE Amazing Twos
Rachel Pirie, SLE Amazing Twos, St. Paul’s Children’s Centre and Nursery School

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Birth to Three Centres of Excellence

girl-in-ball-pool_croppedThe Bristol Local Authority Early Years Service recognises the importance of sector-led models of practice and has established four Early Years settings to demonstrate features of innovative and outstanding practice. These four Early Years nurseries are committed to research and development and to giving opportunities to all Early Years settings to visit their provision to view and discuss Birth to Threes practice. They offer guided visits with experienced early years professionals, learning walks, coaching and reflection time. They also support you in planning a visit that is useful and is focused on your needs. All four settings provide further professional development in specific areas.

As Centres of Excellence for birth to three year olds in Bristol, we are committed to ensuring we have beautiful, nurturing environments that promote curiosity and critical thinking. Through a strong Key Person system based on developing secure attachments, we ensure a sense of belonging and connectedness for children and their families. We are mindful of children’s well-being at all times. Our passionate and committed practitioners are highly attuned to every individual and their high quality Interactions ensure deep levels of involvement and learning.

We embrace the potential of outdoor experiences in all weathers and across all seasons.  Each of our four settings is individual and shaped by the relationships we build within our community.

Communication Friendly Spaces™ ‘Reading Village’

The not-for-profit organisation, Communication Friendly Spaces has created a new portable ‘Reading Village’ to encourage children to read whilst tucked away from the hubbub of their surroundings. Using large, textured baskets, circular rugs and neutral screening, a temporary ‘retreat’ can be created in any classroom or hall. The portable ‘Village’ allows children to become absorbed in their books in a peaceful, enclosed environment. Visit the website here for more information.

Centres of Excellence

St Paul's Nursery School and Children's Centre
Redcliffe Children's Centre and Nursery
Brentry and Henbury Children's Centres
Knowle West Children's Centre

Early Learning contacts

Nicola Theobald, Early Years Improvement Officer

Elizabeth Fee, Early Years Improvement Officer

Nicky Bale, Foundation Years Bristol Standard Consultant

Smi Pearce, Foundation Years Consultant Assessment and Transition