As creative, capable and curious learners, children are supported to explore their environments through enquiry, meaningful play and interaction. Spontaneous learning and children’s agency are highly valued, enabling freedom of expression and a personalised approach. The provision of strong nurturing, secure environments that promote health, well-being and happiness provide a strong foundation for self-regulation, cooperation and life-long learning. Imaginatively structured learning experiences provide cognitive challenge, inspiring a joy of learning.

A natural environment provides a calming effect, engendering a sense of well-being and purpose that is freeing children’s voices and imagination. Bristol Early Years strongly advocates outdoor learning, recognising its benefits in terms of healthy living and its potential to enhance all aspects of children’s development.

The guiding principles underpinning the UNICEF Convention of the Rights of the Child are regarded as a touchstone for every aspect of our work with children, families and communities.

The overarching principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) guide our everyday interactions.

Bristol Early Years Characteristics of Effective Learning

Bristol Early Years Characteristics of Effective Learning
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Early Learning Contacts

Nicola Theobald, Early Years Improvement Officer

Nicky Bale, Foundation Years Bristol Standard Consultant

Smi Pearce, Foundation Years Consultant Assessment and Transition

Kate Hubble  Foundation Years Consultant

Beth Osborne Foundation Years Consultant Birth to Three