Due to the cancellation of assessment this academic year there will be no statutory requirement to carry out the EYFSP assessments. No moderation visits from the LA will take place and no submission of data is needed. The moderation cluster meetings that were scheduled in April and May have all been cancelled.

In response to the Primary Assessment in England consultation, the government has confirmed that the EYFS Profile will remain in place.

The ARA (Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment and Reporting Arrangements) booklet for 2020 has been released Download here.

The DfE has published the EYFSP results for 2019. At national level the percentage of children achieving a good level of development has improved in each year since 2013.  Read the full report here.

The Information and analysis team has produced a document looking at National comparisons Read document here.

Early Learning Contacts

Nicola Theobald, Early Years Improvement Officer

Nicky Bale, Foundation Years Bristol Standard Consultant

Smi Pearce, Foundation Years Consultant Assessment and Transition

Kate Hubble  Foundation Years Consultant

Beth Osborne Foundation Years Consultant Birth to Three