Early Reading

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Communication Friendly Spaces™ ‘Reading Village’

The not-for-profit organisation, Communication Friendly Spaces has created a new portable ‘Reading Village’ to encourage children to read whilst tucked away from the hubbub of their surroundings. Using large, textured baskets, circular rugs and neutral screening, a temporary ‘retreat’ can be created in any classroom or hall. The portable ‘Village’ allows children to become absorbed in their books in a peaceful, enclosed environment. Visit the website here for more information.

Read On, Get On

The Read On, Get On campaign (in conjunction with Save the Children) has published ‘The Power of Reading’, which highlights how governments have the power to unlock the potential in every child to read well by the time they leave primary school.  Download the full report by clicking on the logo to the left.

Early Learning Contacts

Nicola Theobald, Early Years Improvement Officer

Nicky Bale, Foundation Years Bristol Standard Consultant

Smi Pearce, Foundation Years Consultant Assessment and Transition

Kate Hubble  Foundation Years Consultant

Beth Osborne Foundation Years Consultant Birth to Three