Leading Inspiring Provision For Two Year Olds

Bristol Early Years and the Teaching Hub invested in a funded CPD programme to enrich the lives of 2-year olds in our Early Years Settings. The ten sessions considered many aspects of leading and inspiring provision for 2 year olds including the importance of attachment led practice, creating an empowering environment,  authentic relationships with parents and health providers,  the role language plays with learning and the importance of physical activity. Participants also chose an area to develop in their own Setting using an action research approach.

The aims of the programme included:

  • To develop leadership confidence and role as an advocate for the moral purpose of providing the best for 2-year olds.
  • To develop effective and confident pedagogical leadership in early years Settings
  • To be able to understand, develop and articulate effective pedagogy for 2-year olds.
  • To participate in impactful setting-based research.

“To spend time in the company of a two year old is to be given the opportunity to discover the world as if it is for the first time. Taking time to feel the excitement of shared discovery and exploration creates opportunities for meaningful thinking and emotional connection.” Kay Mathieson 2013

Healthy Relationships With Food (Password Protected)

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