Critical incident - South Bristol murders over the weekend

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing to provide advice and guidance around the sad events that took place over the weekend.

We know that there will be a ripple effect for children and members of the community that may know these children and families – as such we’ve messaged all South Bristol settings. Please can you all be mindful of your community’s needs as they maybe saddened and frightened by events that have happened in physical and social proximity to the event.

We also know a number of your staff may have historically taught or had members of the children directly involved attend your settings.

There is no confidential or sensitive information contained in this message. Please feel free to share this with other colleagues who have not have received this and you feel this would benefit from the contents.



  • Do consider whether you have children directly affected or by proximity. Statutory agencies believe that we already have this information but you may have additional information that hasn’t been shared. If you can following your usual safeguarding processes around this. If you need advice  – please contact Kate Irvine:
  • The Critical incident support will have to target and prioritise support for the settings of the children directly involved in the incident, however we do understand the need to provide contextual support please contact us if you feel that you may need additional support and haven’t already been contacted. Support will need to be proportionate to presenting need – I have attached some resources that might help you formulate your responses to your community but also shape what you do in the next week.


Communicate with your communities – both children and families:

  • Remind them of how they can access support through your teams.
  • Remind staff affected of support through your respective employee assistance programmes.
  • Reiterate the message to avoid speculation and posting on social media. Supt Runacres is referenced in the media for people to be cautious about what they share on social media about the incident. “It is extremely important there should be no commentary or sharing of information or images online which could in any way prejudice and any future proceedings,” – please do encourage if families or children have intelligence to share concerns with yourselves via your usual reporting mechanisms.
  • We are still waiting for the police to confirm their comms and preferred method of intelligence sharing – we will update you in due course once this has been established.


We are minded on the potential for risk of retaliation and retribution.

  • If you have any intelligence and are or aware of any risk of serious youth violence/exploitation – please do share with the police via 101.
  • If you would like advice and guidance around safety planning and risk assessments of individual children who could be more directly involved in this please contact Kate Irvine –

We thank you in advance for your support and partnership during this difficult time.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like further advice and guidance.

Early Years Service

Education and Skills Directorate


Nicola Theobald – (General and Nursery School Enquiries)

Deborah Brown – (General Enquiries)

Dawn Butler – (General Enquiries)

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