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The Bristol Early Years Speech and Language Therapy team provide a range of learning opportunities for people in Bristol who work with children aged 0-5 years. All our training packages are FREE and cover a variety of topics, including maximizing children’s language learning opportunities using adult child interaction strategies and supporting children with speech, language and communication at home and in settings. All of our courses promote on-going reflective practice.

CPD and Information for Early Years Professionals – Bristol and South Gloucestershire

For Families:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bristol Speech and Language Therapists are still available to support children and families.
If you have a question or concern about your child’s speech, language or communication skills, please contact us:

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Contact us about Early Years CPD on sirona.sltearlyyearstraininginformation@nhs.net

Hanen Teacher Talk A: Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings

Hanen Teacher Talk is an interactive online course is suitable for anyone working with children age 0-5 years, particularly appropriate for anyone working in an Early Years setting (childminder, nursery, reception class). This course will help you to enrich your language learning environment for all children, by encouraging quality conversations and interactions.

This course links to the Hanen Learning Language and Loving It (LLLI) course, so it is most suitable for people who have not yet completed LLLI (or want a refresher).

Three 2.5 hour sessions

• Identifying and supporting SLCN (speech, language and communication needs):
This course is an introduction to how speech, language and communication skills develop and how to support children with these areas. We will explore how to identify when a child needs additional support for SLCN, and which strategies you can use.

One 2 hour session

ICAN Early Talk Boost

ICAN Early Talk Boost training is for Early Years Practitioners working with groups of 3-4 year olds with delayed language in Early Years settings. The intervention helps to boost their language skills and help narrow the gap between them and their peers and gives children’s language skills a boost before starting school. This course will be offered online.

Please note – We do not charge for the training however participants will be required to purchase an intervention materials pack. This includes: participant book, intervention manual, parent workshop materials, tracker tool, toys, puppets, musical instruments and story books and costs £500. It is possible for up to 3 participants to attend per one intervention materials pack purchased.
If more than one participant is attending the additional participants will need to purchase an extra participant book, at £20 per person (e.g. 3 participants= £500 + £20 +£20).

ICAN Early Talk course – coming soon

ETB leaflet 2020

Online/ video information sessions and bite-size clips

Confident Communicators
Part 1: The Communication Pyramid
Part 2: Language Development, step-by-step
Part 3: Getting Ready for Language
Part 4: Let’s Get Talking

Speech Sounds: Sorting out Sounds – coming soon on the same YouTube playlist, please subscribe!

Learning Language and Loving It

Learning Language and Loving It will support early years workers to develop their everyday  interactions with all children, in order to maximize language learning opportunities. This Hanen certified course runs over 12 weeks, including 8 interactive  teaching sessions and 4-5  video feedback sessions in your setting. ‘The Learning Language and Loving It Program was designed to provide early childhood educators with practical strategies for helping all children in the classroom build language and social skills, no matter what their learning and communication styles are, and even if they have special needs’ from www.hanen.org.

Awaiting new programme content for 2018/19

Quotes from previous participants:

“A really fantastic & informative course. I can already see how it is benefitting my practice.”

“This course has made a huge and significant difference to my work with children in my setting.”

“Children communicate a lot better as I have learned to adapt styles of interaction to each individual child.”

Adapted More Than Words

Adapted More Than Words empowers you to help children with social communication difficulty (with or without a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Condition).

This course will be useful if you have a ‘target child’ in mind giving you ideas to support:

Improved social communication and back-and-forth interactions
Improved play skills
Improved imitation skills

This adapted Hanen course runs over 5 weeks, including 4 interactive teaching sessions and 1 video feedback session in your setting, to promote reflective practice. See more at www.hanen.org

Other useful links;

More Than Words Parent Research

Hanen Guidebooks and DVDs for Early Childhood Educators

LLI Research Summary

Awaiting new programme content for 2018/19

Quotes from previous participants:

“Good content and handouts”

 “I can now imitate the child and encourage her to imitate me back. I learned the rock strategy”

“The videos were very helpful for me to see in practise, relate to and then discuss”

 “I liked the small group of people on the course, the handouts were very useful and the tutors were very informative and friendly”

“Practical strategies to encourage and develop communication”

“The simple techniques will be easy to implement in a work setting”

BRISC/ Supporting and Identifying Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs

BRISC/ Supporting and Identifying Children with SLCN is a brief overview of speech, language and communication development and how to use the Bristol Surveillance of Children’s Communication (BRISC) tool to support your observations and assessment of a child’s needs.  This screening tool can be used to aid in the decision of when to monitor and support development, and when it is appropriate to refer to speech and language therapy for further assessment/ specialist intervention.


Quotes from previous participants:

“Good content and handouts”

“Very informative and was relatable to situations in my setting”

‘I feel happier about assessing the needs of the children before referring to SLT’

‘Gave more more confidence in using the forms and knowing what other evidence to use’

‘Informative, concise, clear. I can effectively pass it on to fellow practitioners in my setting’

Speech, Language and Communication contacts

Karen Heveren

Carly Lines