Call to revive play at UK schools to tackle ‘escalating crisis’ in child health

Campaigners launch proposal for schools to have ‘plan for play’ that would be subject to Ofsted inspection

Campaigners studying play and childhood are calling for a major focus on reviving play in schools to tackle an “escalating crisis” in child mental and physical health.

The “plan for play” launched on Tuesday outlines a vision for the Department for Education to require every school to have a play plan that would be subject to Ofsted inspection. Under the proposals, teachers would be taught about play-based learning for children of all ages, not only early years.

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Nicola Theobald, Lead for Early Years Partnerships

Kate Hubble, Early Years Improvement Officer

The Bristol Standard Team

Beth Osborne, Foundation Years Consultant Birth to Three

Kate Irvine, Interim Foundation Years Consultant

Ali Carrington, Interim Foundation Years Consultant

Cate Peel, Interim Foundation Years Consultant

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