We are a city wide network of men who work with children aged birth to seven, consisting of Early Years Practitioners, Teachers, Head Teachers, Social Workers and Governors, we are open to all professions. We meet quarterly to share experiences and ideas as well as talk about current research and issues; ranging from child protection and challenging stereotypes to practical activities and increasing the involvement of significant males in children’s lives. We are currently developing links with universities and invite others to work with us on research projects. We are also beginning our own network research on parental feelings and perceptions of male practitioners.


Our Values and Aims

To be a hub of experience, research and support professional dialogue for men working with young children
As a wide and constantly expanding network of a diverse range of males within the early year’s workforce, we aim to be a part of a large driving force for research on diversity, gender and inclusive practices within Bristol. Being a hub of support is a crucial value to us as we aim to help in offering guidance and sustaining a cohesive network across the city.

To encourage more men to work in the Early Years sector.
With such a uneven workforce within early years, a main aim of ours is to lead integration of males working with children at a young age, making those crucial positive impacts on their lives. We aim to achieve this through outreach work around Bristol to engage and connect with those looking for a challenging, exciting and ultimately rewarding career in early years.

To challenge commonly held perceptions and stereotypes about gender in Early Years
Tackling gender inequality, both amongst staff and children, is a big part of what we do. Unfair rules on what it means to be a ‘boy’s boy’ or a ‘girly girl’ lead to developmental differences between the sexes and it’s led to where we are now – too many boys growing up be afraid to work with children due to stereotypes of gender fed to them every day. Our network aims to challenge these views and support gender equity within all settings.

“It is interesting to see the diversity of roles filled by men within Early Years in Bristol, and the very varied issues they have to deal with on a day to day basis.”
Bristol Men in Early Years member.

Get in touch!

This is a network with regular meetings and open to all men working with children aged 0-5, we are actively seeking new members to join us, new settings to work in partnership with and can be contacted around support in setting up a network.

As part of our work around outreach and research, we are actively seeking those passionate about engaging more men into early years.

We are further available to guest speak on issues facing men in early years, the workforce as a whole and how to build your own local network.