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Bristol Early Years is excited to announce the launch of ‘Let’s Talk Bristol’,  a cross-sector collaborative approach to enhance prevention, early identification, and early intervention activities for speech, language and communication development and needs. It offers Early Education providers including PVIs, childminders and school’s nursery and reception staff across Bristol the opportunity to access free accredited training and evidence-based tools through the Bristol Early Language programme (BEL). There are three tiers to the programme with Bronze, Silver and Gold awards reflecting the different levels of accredited training. The Silver and Gold levels will be available by invite to be targeted to reach as many children as possible who live in the most disadvantaged areas..  

There are three main elements to the BEL programme: 

  • Accredited Elkan speech and language training for the setting at levels 2, 3 and 4 
  • The Wellcomm Early Language screening tool and early intervention activities
  • A Stories at Home Library for the setting –  

Let’s Talk Bristol will begin a phased roll-out over the Summer term 2022/23 and we are now inviting expressions of interest with a view to getting the Wellcomm Early Years Toolkit in action in the summer terms. The Elklan training will begin to roll-out towards the end of the summer, with most settings starting in the Autumn term 2023. The Stories at Home libraries will also become available in the Autumn term 2023.  

To express interest in finding out how your setting, children and families can benefit from Let’s Talk Bristol, please email BEL Programme Lead Penny Groves and look out for the Bristol Early Language programme induction sessions later this term, which you will be able to sign up to through the Early Years online calendar .

Let's Talk Bristol Early Years Settings


Penny Groves (BEL Programme Lead)

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